Watch Pregnant Irina Shayk Channel Demi Moore’s Ghost Character

Watch Pregnant Irina Shayk Channel Demi Moore’s Ghost Character

‘Tis the season for racy advent calendar videos.

Upon Dec. 2 this year, British magazine Love revealed their recreation of a classic scene from the Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze–led Ghost for their annual advent calendar video series. But this version sports a few key differences by way of Irina Shayk, who is expecting her first child.

Instead of a steamy arts and craft sesh set to The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody” by way of a couple and their pottery wheel, the 2016 version features Shayk working on a ceramic piece of her own. The twist? The model’s Patrick Swayze is absent. Where’s Bradley Cooper?!

In the 90-second video, Shayk, clad in a knotted open-front tee and a rose gold underwear set, gets down and dirty with the pottery wheel and manages to smear clay all over her body in the process.

Another key difference between the original scene from 1990 and Phil Poynter’s remake: Shayk is sporting a noticeable baby bump.

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Watch the sexy video above—and if you haven’t seen Ghost, get on that, stat. (Perhaps another star can give a nod to Whoopi Goldberg’s legendary performance next.)

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