The Simple Styling Trick that Will Give Your Bag New Life 

The Simple Styling Trick that Will Give Your Bag New Life 

As any Frenchwoman worth her Biologique Recherche serum knows, a scarf makes for the ultimate accessory. When nonchalantly draped around one’s neck, it announces, “I’m chic! But I don’t try to be! And I probably never accidentally spill coffee on my shirt while rushing to work because mon dieu, I never order coffee à emporter (or speed walk, for that matter).”

But designer Joseph Altuzarra has some knowledge of his own: A scarf can also be the ultimate accessory to your accessories. Case in point: For fall 2016, he sent a number of mini whipstitched saddle bags down the runway with slips of silk artfully entwined in the straps. The effect was a little bit Left Bank bohemian and totally chic.

And the best part about this styling trick à la française—as opposed to, say, somehow making a rumpled sweater look sexy—is that it’s insanely simple to do. Just grab a scarf, roll it up, and knot in a random fashion around your strap. The point is that it doesn’t look too perfect. We even rounded up a few perfect pairings to make it that much easier.

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